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Where you around when the first Karate Kid movie came out?  Martial Arts schools were packed with people.  School owners without any business knowledge seemed like marketing geniuses.  The truth is that in many cases the people just walked in and enrolled without any marketing on the part of the martial arts school.  It was just dumb luck as they would say.


This is not going to happen again.  You must take action to capitalize on the upcoming Karate Kid movie.  It is slated to be one of the biggest movies of the year.  Think about it.  Kids will be excited to see it and all of the parents who saw the movie when they were a kids will want to see it as well.


You have an opportunity to pack your martial arts school with kids and adults.  People will get excited about martial arts training after seeing this movie.  The only question is which martial arts school in your area will they go to.  Will they go to your martial arts school or someone else’s martial arts school?  You must take action now!


Take three course of marketing action: paid advertising, hustle marketing and theater marketing.  A combination of the three is required to capitalize on this unique marketing opportunity.  Your goal is to be out in front of the movie.  Start marketing now so that when people see the movie they will instantly think of you.  Market at the theater so that you will be able to hand them information.  Finally, market after the movie so that people will see your information if their interest is peaked later.


Many martial arts schools have cut back on advertising during the economic slow down.  Take control of your destiny.  This is the time to spend the marketing dollars you have saved.  Be careful of billboards, tv commercials or radio commercials.  Do not spend all of your money in one spot.  Spread the marketing money around to have the maximum impact.  


Use professional looking art work.  Do not spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on marketing to use an ad created in Microsoft Publisher.  A professional image is important to be successful in business.  Be very careful of using the official Karate Kid poster, logo or picture in your ads.  I would not take the chance of being sued.  MBS has created an ad which ties into the theme of the movie.  It is consistent with the message in the film.    


MBS has also designed the following artwork for you:  Poster, Full Page Flyer, Postcards, Sign In Sheets and Sign Up Sheets.  



Make no mistake about it.  People are going to sign up in martial arts classes in your area because of this movie.  Some martial arts schools will do the hard work and marketing necessary and others will not.  A divide will be widened between the successful and under performing martial arts schools in each town.  


Successful martial arts schools are not successful because they have sold out.  They are successful because they run their business like a business, teach great classes and have outstanding customer service.  Decide which side of this widening divide you will be on.  


Some of you have the resources or money and are ready to take action.  Others have had a hard time over the last year and a half with the economy.  If things are tight for you right now in regards to money, you must find a way.  Cut back on something.  Do not go on vacation.  Delay a payment on a big ticket item.  I implore you.  You must find the money to do Karate Kid marketing.


I’ve got some good news.  Martial Business Solutions has done all of the planning and design work for you.  MBS has a 12 page report on how to get the most out of the upcoming Karate Kid movie.  This report is extremely detailed.  Nothing has been held back.  


12 Page Karate Kid Report




The Campaign

The Offer

Call To Action

Turn In Your Ticket Stub

Paid Print Advertising

Ad Cards

Paid Theater Advertising

Handouts In Theaters

Class After Movie

Theater Booth

Booth Set-up

Pictures At Theater

Picture Follow Up Email

Rent A Theater



The 12 page Karate Kid Report and all of the Karate Kid artwork is included free as a BONUS in the MBS e-PAC for the months of May & June.  This will be the best Lead Generator of the year.  Do not miss out on this opportunity to grow your martial arts school.  





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Get your 12 Page Report & Professional Artwork.

Try the MBS e-PAC for only $1.00 today!  CLICK HERE


TYPE CODE: karatekid

Upon checkout type the code "karatekid" in the bottom left side of the form.

Click the ADD button to apply the promotional code.